Free cookies with every purchase of four

Bakery & Coffee

From scratch breads, muffins, desserts & pastries, quiches, sandwiches & great coffee.

Gluten free & vegan options

About Us

From scratch

We know that flavor is build slowly and sometimes with convenience you sacrifice quality.

Natural ingredients

No additives , no colorants, nothing artificial.

Original & creative

Unique, exciting and always  delicious.

About Us

Some gluten free & vegan

Raising kids with allergies, you learn first hand the importance of reading the label, knowing what you’re eating and learning that gluten free, dairy free and even vegan doesn’t always mean healthy.  We decided that we were going to change that, working with fresh, organic, low or no sugar, from scratch and always all natural.

Awesome Flavors

Just because we do everything from scratch and natural, it doesn’t mean we won’t achieve greatness of flavors and textures.

We care because you mind.

We make your dietary necessity or choice our priority.  Whether  is gluten free, vegan or both, its all delicious.